Saturday, July 14, 2012

Classroom Tour [Reflections Edition]

Today I'm going to do a virtual walk-through of how I set up the classroom I just moved out of. Let me begin by stating that I do not believe I set the room up "perfectly." One of my worst habits is organizing the spaces I love the most and avoiding the spaces I wish would go away... I'm not alone in this, am I?
Whole-group carpet area. At the beginning of the year (when this picture was taken) I only have two book baskets out. Over the course of the first few weeks I bring reading baskets out by topic as we've discussed procedures and expectations for using and returning books. I highly recommend this if you have room to store your books other than your shelves. In this case, I did, but I know it's not typical to have as much hidden storage as this room had.

Calendar wall in 2009

Calendar wall in 2011 - Can you tell I took out as much of the non-essentials as possible? Even just looking at the older picture bothers me... too much red I think.

Small white shelves were used to define the space as well as store individual math manipulative-containers (one of the best investments I've ever made!)

Bulletin board behind the small group table (2011 - used for rotational literacy centers and CAFE menu)

The Author Library! Each book box was labeled with the author's name and a picture of a character they are known for! (My students and I mutually loved this space.)

A picture of our word wall. My desk is conveniently hidden by the shelves of the Author Library, just the way I like it! (My desk was usually not photo-worthy.)

Another reading area tucked in the corner beside the Author Library. This spot had shelves on one side (shown) and two huge windows on the other. It is a wonderful spot to read rain or shine.
This shelf was originally a cubby unit I found in the "I don't want" pile at school. I turn it sideways, removed the hooks, and waa-laa! a functional shelf! Oh, and it was originally yellow, which didn't match my color scheme, so I slapped some "Spa Blue" on there to match the large shelves on the other side of the room.
 Okay, so I'm not super sure of formatting a blog, so I'll just start typing my thoughts.
When I look back at my room my eye goes to clutter. I purposely did not upload a few because of this problem. As I prepare to set up my new classroom I hope to intentionally prevent clutter opportunities. We will see. Looking at these pictures also helps me realize I  prefer spaces where the colors are similar and clean-lined.

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