Monday, July 30, 2012

First Impressions - "Get a Teaching Job!" Series

Now that you’ve got your resume fine-tuned to display your wonderful talents and a cover letter that blends your own teaching goals with the goals of the school you are applying to, it is time to think about going to the school to drop it off! Making the first impression is critical. You may think you’ll be trying to impress the principal in this first part, but no. My experience (in South Carolina) demonstrated to me that the principal was not the person I met first; it was the SECRETARY.
Think about it. The first person to greet most visitors to a school is a secretary or a parent/volunteer manning the desk at the front door.

For this impression you’ll need a few things:
1.)  A smiling face (You’re never fully dressed without a smile!)
2.)  Patience (There is a lot going on in the office, no matter what time of day it is. Be respectful. If you want these strangers to become your coworkers, go ahead and treat them like a friend.)
3.)  Introduce yourself (smile) and hand over a copy of your distinguished cover letter/resume. Smile again, thank them, and wish them a blessed day.

What? I’m not suggesting you wait around all afternoon until the principal has a free moment for you to tell him how great you are? Nope. You do what you think is best, but I believed my cover letter and resume spoke strongly for me, so I let it do the work. This may not be what works for you, but to each his/her own.

Another key note about this is the fact that I simply went in person to do it at all. Applying online for a position is great, but going in person is much, much better. I DID apply in a district that discouraged applicants from going in person... but I did anyway... oops! (winky face) And guess what? I got interviews at the three schools I broke the rules for. So, if you're feeling adventurous, go for it. Otherwise wait for them to come to you?... ... ...GO there! Good luck!


I had an incredible experience applying for jobs – learned A LOT – and now I am excited to share some of my experience with you! Several teacher friends have asked for advice and tips with applying for jobs and the interview process, so by the third request I thought it might be easier to put it all in one place and not have to give it a go every time someone asks! Hence, my series titled “Get a Teaching Job!” (my motto throughout the entire spring of this year).


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